Optiblue® Glass

A light-bodied aesthetic to optimize solar control. 

Optiblue® glass is a light-bodied, neutral color tint that optimizes the performance and aesthetics of Solarban® glass coatings as substrates.

In addition to providing Solarban® z75 and Solarban® z50 glasses with their cool-neutral appearance, combining Optiblue® glass with new Solarban® 90 glass in a standard 1-inch IGU results in a 0.20 solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) and a visible light transmittance (VLT) of 37 percent.

To see if Optiblue® high-performance glass meets the aesthetic and performance needs for your next project, visit the Vitro Search Tool.

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For detailed thermal and mechanical properties, please see the Optiblue® glass Technical Data Sheet.

Solarban® 90 (2) Optiblue® + Clear 37 0.20 1.85
Solarban® z75 (2) Optiblue® + Clear 48 0.24 2.00
Solarban® z50 (2) Optiblue® + Clear 51 0.32 1.59