Solarban® R100 Solar Control Low-E Glass

One of the best-performing architectural glass products available

Solarban® R100 glass is a neutral-reflective low-e glass that provides significant improvements in solar performance compared to competing products in the same architectural glass category. Because Solarban® R100 glass uniquely balances reflectivity and color-neutrality, it can function as a privacy glass as well as in harmony with spandrels and other building materials.

Inside the building, Solarban® R100 glass has reflectance of just 14 percent and transmits a pleasant, cool blue-gray appearance that reduces glare without creating an obtrusive reflected color for building occupants. Outside, Solarban® R100 glass has exterior reflectance of 32 percent, which combines with the neutral aesthetic to deliver a clean, crisp exterior for any building project.

Solarban® R100 glass has an excellent solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC) of 0.23 and visible light transmittance (VLT) of 42 percent. The resulting light-to-solar gain (LSG) ratio of 1.83 is up to 29 percent greater than competitive transparent-reflective low-e glasses, making Solarban® R100 glass one of the best-performing architectural glass products on the market.

Because of its color-neutral appearance, Solarban® R100 glass can be applied to a variety of high-performance tinted glasses from Vitro Architectural Glass' (formerly PPG glass) ocean-inspired collection, as well as any from Vitro Glass' earth-toned collection.

Review the Solarban® R100 glass product data sheet for more information.

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Clear Glass + Clear  79 0.70 1.13
Solarban® R100 (2) + Clear 42 0.23 1.83