PPG Float Glass

Exterior Float Glass

Brilliant, clear building façades

Starphire Ultra-Clear glass by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) provides an unprecedented option for curtainwall glass applications, offering brilliant clarity and true-to-life views of the outdoors that conventional glass simply can’t match. 

Spiderwalls and Skylights

When your design calls for maximized transmission of natural light, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass has no equal. Offering maximized transparency with 7 percent higher visible light transmittance (VLT) than conventional clear glass in a typical skylight or spiderwall, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass provides sparkling clarity and undistorted transmission of color.

From art galleries to convention centers, corporate office buildings to shopping malls, when you want to bring the beauty and brightness of the outdoors into your interior, skylights and spiderwalls made with Starphire Ultra-Clear glass are clearly remarkable.

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For more details, please review the  Starphire Ultra-Clear™ Glass Skylite Glazings information sheet.  

For performance data, please review the Monolithic Glass Comparison Data Sheet.

Vision Glazing

To maximize visible light transmission (VLT) and provide unfettered views of the world outdoors, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass brings an uncommon brightness, clarity and color fidelity that no other commercial glazing product can match.  

For vision glazings in which enhanced energy performance is required, Starphire Ultra-Clear glass can be combined with other glass coatings to satisfy energy requirements while maintaining its unique ultra-clear visual character, free of the green cast inherent in ordinary clear float glass.

To boost VLT, combine Starphire Ultra-Clear glass with solar control low-e coatings, such as Solarban® 70XL, Solarban® 60 or Solarban® 67 glasses. To increase the solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC), combine Starphire Ultra-Clear glass with passive solar coatings, such as Solarban® R100 or Solarban® z75/z50 glasses. 

Starphire Ultra-Clear glass maintains its remarkable clarity in thickness from 2.5 mm to 19 mm and is stocked regionally to ensure consistent supply reliability.

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For more details, please review the Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass Vision Glazings product information sheet.

For performance data, please review the Monolithic Glass Comparison Data Sheet.

Spandrel Glass

Architects have never had a more beautiful way to conceal the electrical and mechanical areas between floors than with Starphire Ultra-Clear glass. Its brilliant clarity and absence of greening combine to offer spectacular views and true colors, enabling whites, reds and yellows to be seen with remarkable fidelity.

Vitro Glass is a marketing alliance partner with ICD High Performance Coatings, the industry leader in spandrel glass coatings and manufacturer of OPACI-COAT-300®, a line of high-performance spandrel glass coatings in a range of colors and metallic finishes.

When these water-based coatings are combined with Starphire Ultra-Clear glass in a spandrel glass unit, they offer a vivid palette of spandrel glass solutions with unparalleled brightness and color fidelity.

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For more details, please review the Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass Spandrel Glass product information sheet.

For detailed thermal and mechanical properties, please see the Starphire Ultra-Clear glass Technical Data Sheet.

Starphire® Glass 1/8 91 0.91 1.00
Starphire® Glass 5/32 91 0.91 1.00
Starphire® Glass 3/16 91 0.90 1.01
Starphire® Glass 1/4 91 0.90 1.01
Starphire® Glass 5/16 91 0.89 1.02
Starphire® Glass 3/8 91 0.89 1.02
Starphire® Glass 1/2 90 0.88 1.02
Starphire® Glass 5/8 90 0.87 1.03
Starphire® Glass 3/4 90 0.86 1.05