Safety & Security Glazing

Heavy Starphire Ultra-Clear glass by Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG Glass) provides a new level of visual quality to safety and security glazing applications. Special building projects, such as zoo enclosures, fish tanks, jewelry display cases, protective windows and museum cases, present design challenges that are typically solved by using multi-layer laminates. That solution, however, prevents objects from being seen in their true colors, as they are distorted by the “greening” that occurs with increased thicknesses of conventional clear glass.

Starphire Ultra-Clear glass safety and security glass provides 16 percent higher visible light transmittance (VLT) than ordinary clear glass in a 13/8-inch laminated glass construction, so you get superior clarity that also conceals the actual thickness of the glass. And it can be fabricated easily to your exact specifications. Let Starphire Ultra-Clear glass bring unparalleled color transmission, clarity and security to your next project.

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For more details, please review the Starphire Ultra-Clear Glass Safety & Security Glazings product information sheet. For performance data, please review the Monolithic Glass Comparison Data Sheet.