Renovate by Berkowitz (Renovate)

Easy retrofit system makes buildings more energy efficient

The Solarban® family of solar control low-e glasses is part of a revolutionary window retrofitting system marketed by RENOVATE by Berkowitz (RbB).

Intended for 30- to 60-year-old commercial buildings, the Renovate system preserves a building’s exterior while offering reduced outside noise, increased security and annual energy savings of more than 20 percent. The system also can help building owners earn tax credits, utility rebates and a minimum of four points towards LEED® certification.

The system works by adding two lites of low-e glass to a commercial building’s underperforming existing, single-pane windows, creating an energy-efficient triple-glazed insulating glass unit (IGU). Configured with a lite of Solarban® 60 glass or Solarban® 70XL solar control low-e glass, along with a lite of passive low-e glass, the RbB system can offer a solar heat gain coefficient of as low as 0.27, a winter U-Value of 0.15 and an R-Value of 6.67.

Because the system is applied to the existing window’s interior surface, the building remains completely enclosed during the retrofit, eliminating the time and cost of temporarily relocating a building’s occupants. In addition, the system can be installed two to three times faster and at about half the cost of a traditional window replacement project. Click here to see how it works or visit