Clarvista™ Glass

Design with Clarvista Glass for timeless beauty.

Make the beauty of a new shower enclosure last and last with the timeless clarity of Clarvista™ glass. Clarvista™ glass provides a permanent protective coating that keeps new shower enclosures looking sparkling clear by preventing the dullness that can come from heat and humidity over time. With Clarvista™ glass, new shower glass will remain beautiful for years to come.

Clarvista™ glass is the perfect choice for today’s seamless shower designs because it protects the clarity right from the beginning and stays clear for the lifetime of your shower glass. And it’s as functional as it is beautiful. With the durable Clarvista™ glass coating, you get a super-smooth, protective seal that helps your shower glass stay cleaner longer and makes it easier to clean when you need to.

Why Clarvista™ Glass?

If left unprotected, even the highest-quality glass can become dull and hazy after years of heat and humidity in a shower enclosure. Protect your investment by using Clarvista™ glass to provide supreme clarity and lasting durability.

Unlike sprayed-on coatings, the Clarvista™ glass coating is fused to the glass during manufacturing, sealing the glass surface with a lifetime protective barrier. So with regular maintenance, shower enclosures built with Clarvista™ glass will maintain their beauty and clarity for many years to come.

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Clear Luxury. Timeless Beauty.