OPACI-COAT-300® Spandrel Glass by ICD High Performance Coatings

A spectrum of colors that harmonize with Starphire® & Solarban® glasses

Vitro Architectural Glass has partnered with ICD High Performance Coatings to offer a full range of colorful, water-based silicone coating options ideal for spandrel, wall-cladding and insulating glass applications. For decades, architects and designers have relied on OPACI-COAT-300® for its limitless range of color options, including a wide range of brilliant colors that don’t include any dangerous heavy metals, which have been used on both interiors and exteriors of some of the world’s most high-profile commercial projects. OPACI-COAT-300® also offers one of the world’s strictest color tolerance, which ensures the color you specify is the color you receive. Additionally, when specified, OPACI-COAT-300® can provide glass fallout resistance.

Harmonizing Insulating Glass Configurations

With Solarban® Solar Control Low-E Glass

ICD High Performance Coatings has developed a full spectrum of OPACI-COAT-300® colors that harmonize with various insulating glass configurations from Vitro Architectural Glass, allowing architects and designers to find the ideal balance of pure color and solar control performance on building façades. Utilize distinctive combinations of OPACI-COAT-300® with clear, performance-tinted, Starphire® and Solarban® glasses on your next insulating glass project for a high-performance solution that “pops.”  Featured configurations include:

  • Clear + Solarban®60 (2) / Clear + OPACI-COAT-300® #2-1881 Sunset Green  (4)
  • Starphire® + Solarban®72 (2) / Starphire® + OPACI-COAT-300® #2-3007  Illusions (4)
  • Clear + Solarban®67 (2) / Clear + OPACI-COAT-300®  #2-3203 Mucky Water (4)
  • Clear + Solarban®70XL (2) / Clear + OPACI-COAT-300®  #2-3548 Valley Mist (4)
  • Solargray® + Solarban® 60 (2) / Clear + OPACI-COAT-300®  #3-1371 West Lake (4)


For a quick selection guide for spandrel glass colors or IGUs, download ICD’s Spandrel Glass Color Selection Guide

Request a sample from a popular selection of OPACI-COAT-300®  Colors

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On Starphire  Ultra-Clear™ Glass

Make your next glass project truly “pop” with unparalleled color fidelity and brightness by combining OPACI-COAT-300® with Starphire® glass by Vitro. Consider this winning configuration for spandrel and wall cladding glass, as well as façade interiors & exteriors—due to the minimal color cast inherent in low-iron glass, you’ll get the purest color in the industry.

Whether you need the purest white glass in the float glass industry—Primary White from ICD High Performance Coatings with Starphire® glass—vivid pastels, or any other color from Pantone, RAL, Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams or any other coatings manufacturer, you can rely on ICD High Performance Coatings OPACI-COAT-300® and Vitro Architectural Glass to realize your most vibrant visions.

Request a sample from a popular selection of OPACI-COAT-300®  Colors

Visit ICDCoatings.com to request a sample of all other ICD High Performance Coatings.


ICD High Performance Coatings’ colorful glass coatings on Vitro Glass products are available through Vitro Certified™ Fabricators.


Continuing Education

ICD High Performance Coatings’ AIA course, “ICD 101: High Performance Silicone Coatings for Glass,” reviews high performance silicone coatings on glass for glazing systems in commercial and residential applications including interiors. The course will also review manufacturing, technical codes, applications, specifications and design trends for architectural glazing.