Vitro Concierge Program™

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The Vitro Concierge Program™ for Vitro Certified™ Fabricators

The Vitro Concierge Program™ is designed to help ensure supply-chain success for large or complex construction projects fabricated with Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) products. It is available at no cost to members of the Vitro Certified™ Network. 

Although most projects, even larger ones, can be handled through the normal Vitro Certified™ Network supply chain with standard Vitro Glass inventory, some projects with atypical glass configurations or non-standard glass components require extra production and logistics management.

The Vitro Concierge Program™ provides customized coordination through a dedicated Vitro Concierge Program™ Manager who will provide priority access to Vitro Glass’s inventory and glass-production scheduling.

Here’s how the Vitro Concierge Program™ Works

Step 1: Register the project or reserve the glass.
Glaziers: After you have been awarded a project, REGISTER the project by completing the online project consideration form or by calling 412-820-8004. We will evaluate the project and, if appropriate, register it as a formal Concierge Project. Early registration provides your Vitro Certified™ Fabricator with a priority claim to Vitro Glass’s future inventory or production over non-concierge projects.

If the project does not warrant Concierge enrollment, it will be entered into Vitro Glass’s demand forecasting process, and your Vitro Certified™ Fabricator will have priority status over non-member customers.

Vitro Certified™ Fabricators: After you have been awarded a project, RESERVE the project’s estimated glass quantities by completing the online project consideration form or by calling 412-820-8004. We will evaluate the project and, if appropriate, RESERVE the specified glass products and quantities from existing inventory or future production schedules.

Step 2: Provide project information, overall timing and required glass-delivery dates.
The Vitro Concierge Program Manager will contact you to:

  • Understand the full scope of the project
  • Identify critical path milestones for the glazing contractor, the Vitro Certified™ Fabricator and Vitro Glass
This information will drive the planning process so it is essential that it remain up to date and consistent with actual progress at the construction jobsite.

Step 3: Enjoy Vitro Certified™ fabricated glass arrival, quantity and size success!
Equipped with detailed project information, the Vitro Concierge Program™ Manager will communicate the project’s glass requirements, including logistics, production and customer service and sales, to Vitro Glass personnel. You will be contacted promptly about:

  • Purchase order requirements
  • Estimated Vitro Glass production
  • Inventory planning
  • Initial glass shipment forecasting

It is very important that you communicate with us as soon as possible if there are any changes regarding your project.

To learn more about the Vitro Concierge Program™, download our brochure, email the Vitro Concierge Program Manager or call 412-820-8004. 

Vitro Concierge Program™ Case Studies

Stories of supply-chain success, realized

Explore the Case Studies below to learn about real projects that benefitted from the logistics and supply-chain expertise of the Vitro Concierge Program™.

181 Fremont
Learn how Vitro Certified™ Fabricator Hartung Glass Industries worked with the Vitro Certified Program™ manager to fulfill project demand for the tallest mixed-use high-rise on the West Coast.

University of Oklahoma
See how Vitro Certified® fabricator Tristar Glass worked with the Vitro Concierge Program manager to coordinate production, delivery and installation of the nine-story all-glass office tower façade and two elevated pedestrian skywalks to achieve a unique design aesthetic and create an award-winning facility.

7 Bryant Park
See how Vitro Certified™ Fabricator J.E. Berkowitz worked with the Vitro Concierge Program™ manager to support LEED® Gold certification through a creative packaging solution.

ProMedica Health and Wellness Center
See how Vitro Certified Fabricator Oldcastle BuildingEnvelope worked with the Vitro Concierge Program manager to coordinate production, delivery and installation of more than 60,000 square feet of Solarban® 72 glass for the ProMedica Health and Wellness Center.

BioSteel Centre
See how Vitro Certified Fabricator Trulite worked with the Vitro Concierge Program manager to ensure proper handoffs were made and milestones were met during an extremely tight construction schedule that required the BioSteel Centre to be ready for use for the NBA’s Toronto Raptors in only 13 months.

UCSD Health Jacobs Medical Center
Learn how Vitro Certified Fabricator Northwestern Industries, Inc. enabled the newest hospital in the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Health System to distinguish itself with a striking 10-story curvilinear glass façade featuring Solarban® 70XL and Starphire Ultra-Clear® Glass with help from the Vitro Concierge Program™ Manager.