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Vitro Certified™ Network of Glass Manufacturers

The Vitro Certified™ Network was created in 2001 as the PPG Certified Fabricator® Network to provide high-performance coated glass through regional fabricators and glass manufacturers dedicated to delivery of quality fabricated glass with short lead times. Since its inception, the network has grown to more than 140 locations worldwide that have shipped 300 million square feet of Solarban® glass for commercial buildings.

About the Vitro Certified™ Network

Members of the Vitro Certified™ Network have access to some of the industry’s most advanced training and education on glass handling and fabrication to maintain consistency in both color and quality, as well as reliability of product performance.

Vitro Certified™ Fabricators are the exclusive source of Vitro Architectural Glass (formerly PPG glass) high-performance Solarban® glass products and they are able to accommodate special shape and configuration requests. Count on them to deliver quality fabricated glass with outstanding service and quick turnaround times, critical when lead times are tight. And with locations throughout the United States and Canada, a Vitro Certified™ Fabricator is available to provide Vitro Glass products wherever they’re needed.

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Types of Vitro Certified™ Fabricators

No matter what type of fabricated glass you need, there is a Vitro Certified™ Fabricator for you:

Vitro Certified™ Fabricators

Vitro Certified™ Fabricators supply quality, high-performance glass, including insulating glass units, spandrel glass and tempered/heat strengthened glass for buildings throughout North America and beyond. Vitro Certified™ Fabricators also provide access to the Vitro Concierge Program, a priority glass supply program for uniquely complex or high-profile projects.

Vitro Certified™ Laminators

Vitro Certified™ Laminators specialize in lamination of Solarban® glasses by Vitro Glass for architectural glass, safety and security glass applications.

Vitro Certified™ Architectural Window Manufacturers

Vitro Certified™ Architectural Window Manufacturers deliver the same high quality of Vitro Glass in commercial windows.

Find a Fabricator in the United States or Canada

Find a Vitro Certified™ Fabricator, Vitro Certified™ Laminator or Vitro Certified™ Window Manufacturer in the United States or Canada near your project.

Find a Fabricator in Mexico

Find a Vitro Certified™ Fabricator in Mexico near your project.

International Vitro Certified™ Fabricator Program

The International Vitro Certified™ Fabricator Program is available to glass fabricators around the world and incorporates the same rigorous standards that are the backbone of the Vitro Certified™ Fabricator Network to ensure Vitro fabricated architectural glass products are of consistent commercial quality everywhere in the world.

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