Vitro Architectural Glass Data Sheets

Compare aesthetic and performance characteristics of Vitro Architectural Glass products

Performance Data Sheets

The following data sheets include information about the aesthetic and performance of Vitro Architectural Glass products, as well as information about product fabrication and availability. For detailed  technical product information, review our Technical Data Sheets below.

Solar Control Low-E Glass

Solarban® 90 glass
Solarban® 70 glass
Solarban® 72 glass
Solarban® 67 glass
Solarban® 60 glass
Solarban® 60 Starphire® glass
Solarban® z50 glass
Solarban® z75 glass
Solarban® R100 glass

Passive Low-E Glass

Sungate® 400 glass

Blue & Green Tinted Glass

Pacifica® glass
Atlantica® glass
Azuria® glass
Solexia® glass

Gray & Bronze Tinted Glass

Solargray® glass
Graylite® II glass
Solarbronze® glass
Optigray® glass

Low-Iron Glass

Acuity™ Low-Iron Glass
Solarban® 60 Starphire® Glass
Starphire® Extra-Heavy Glass
Starphire® Vision Glazing
Starphire® Spandrel Glazing
Starphire® Safety & Security Glazing
Starphire® Entrance Glazing
Starphire® Skylite Glazing
Starphire® Interior Glazing

Subtly Reflective Color-Enriched Glass

Vistacool® glass

Reflective Glass

Solarcool® glass

Technical Data Sheets

The data sheets below contain detailed technical product descriptions, including color, chemical composition, mechanical and thermal properties and solar performance values.

Azuria® glass
Clear glass
GrayLite®II glass
Optiblue® glass
Optigray® glass
Pacifica® glass
Solarblue® glass
Solarbronze® glass
Solarcool® Azuria® glass
Solarcool® Pacifica® glass
Solarcool® Solarblue® glass
Solarcool® Solarbronze® glass
Solarcool® Solargray® glass
Solargray® glass
Solexia® glass
Starphire® glass
Vistacool® Azuria® glass
Vistacool® Pacifica® glass

For additional information about Vitro Glass products, request a copy of the complete Vitro Architectural Glass Catalog.